VOLMA Corporation takes care of its employees and strives to sustain the image of an attractive employer.

The employment and onboarding procedures comply with the Labour Code of the Russian Federation: reported salary and probationary period of three-to-six months are determined depending on occupied position.

All our employees are provided with free set meals.

Our employees can be optionally connected to corporate cellular telephony: they are given corporate sim-cards within approved limits.

Our employees have an opportunity to take training courses beginning from compulsory initial stage trainings for all new employees up to top-stage trainings for managers and employees included in the HR pool.

Our employees can also use for self-development the corporate library collections of tutorials in electronic and paper form and documentary and fiction films.

A lot of Company production sites use corporate buses to take their employees to and from work.

In addition, we have car parking areas for employees who get to work by their own cars.

To increase their motivation, our employees are free to choose among several corporate incentive programmes for themselves and their family members.

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