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About us

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Company History
Only with a clear idea of our mission we can reach full-scale development. Only if we understand what is truly important and valuable, we shall have a right to set goals and attain them. These principles hold for both, individuals and our Company in general.
The success of VOLMA is assured by its total achievements for all the years of its development. We have clear plans for the future, but for all that we treat our corporate history with respect and pride.
VOLMA is a diverse company. Our main business, however, is to produce HQ and hi-tech products for building and finishing works.
We work to assure consistently high quality of our products and provide our customers with everything they need to attain their goals. VOLMA quality management system meet international standard ISO 9001:2015.

Our culture

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Corporate Culture
We are trying to do good in practice. We live by improving the life around us.
We aim at arranging corporate events and functions to cover different areas of activity and make our arrangements interesting to even member of the VOLMA team.
This is one of the easiest and traditional ways to learn about the news that matter to every employee.
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